Creative Fundraising Ideas

GoFundMe is a great, effective way to raise money, raise awareness, and publicize your particular fundraising cause to your social networks and beyond. We put together some simple but smart strategies that can go far in spreading the word about your GoFundMe, inspiring your community to donate and share

Hand Delivered Gifts

It’s simple, really: asking for donations in exchange for hand-crafted-gifts. Whether it’s hand-crafted cards or special bouquets or handmade lanyards, this is a great way for you to reach out to friends and family and show them how dedicated and hardworking you are—and will be—when it comes to the cause. You can offer these special gifts as a ‘reward level’ on the campaign. Just click ‘Edit,’ ‘Story,’ and then scroll to the bottom to ‘Add Rewards.’

Make a Birthday Wish

You know how great it feels to have all those birthday wishes come in on Facebook every year? Make it more meaningful by asking your friends to donate to your GoFundMe. You can ask your friends to make donations in the same amount of your new age: $30 if you’re turning 30, for instance. Take advantage of all the birthday goodwill and cheer by encouraging donations and shares—it’s sure to be a birthday wish you’ll remember.

Email Newsletter

There are plenty of free email marketing services these days. Why not take advantage and set up a weekly newsletter just for your cause? You can include upbeat stories of how your cause is making a difference, quotes from people you’ve helped out, and profiles of your best volunteers or donors. Just make sure to put your GoFundMe link front and center in each newsletter! The more fun and engaging your newsletter is, the more likely your donors will be to forward it to their friends.

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