Shailesh Dash Helps Investors Discover the Potential of Alternative Investments in the Middle East

For many investors in other parts of the world today, the region spanning the Middle East and much of Northern Africa stands out as a place fueled, in economic terms, largely by the extraction of petroleum. While the oil and gas industry remains a key source of economic vitality and will for some time, there is quite a bit more going on there than that.

The career of Shailesh Dash makes this point in a particularly clear and definite way. As the founder and CEO of Al Masah Capital, he has maintained an especially illuminating focus on industries whose significance others often fail to appreciate.

Many Middle Eastern and North African Industries are Growing Steadily and Quickly

While too many investors have an essentially one dimensional take on the region, the reality is that there are many opportunities to pursue in places outside of the oil and gas industry. Some of the most important industries that Dash and other alternative investment specialists in the region like to focus on include:

  • Education: With a young and rapidly growing population that is increasingly attuned to economic possibilities on a global scale, education has become a cornerstone of economic development in the region. Instead of heading abroad to pursue studies in engineering, medicine, and other practical disciplines, the best and the brightest in the Middle East and North Africa today are more likely than in the past to remain close to home.
  • Healthcare: Increasing prosperity means that people across the region can afford to pay for the care needed to support longer, healthier lives. While this part of the world has lagged somewhat in certain respects behind others, the gap is now beginning to close quite quickly.
  • Logistics: Even if the consumerism that pervades the West has yet to crop up so prominently in this part of the world, material comfort has become much more common. Logistics providers who are able to support increasing consumption continue to grow rapidly all across the region.

Better Opportunities for Investors Outside of the Petroleum Extraction Industry

Professionals like Dash are therefore pointing investors toward options that can be even fuller of potential than those they commonly seek. Straying a bit from the beaten path to look even more toward the future can easily pay off.

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