Fundraising for a cause

For fundraising for a specific cause like helping an ill person or for a natural disaster , there are a number of methods which can be used. Often the charities have far more money that harmless hardworking domain investors whose retirement savings have been stolen by cbi, indian intelligence and security agencies without a court order or legally valid reason.

Going door to door begging or asking for funds or donations has been a fairly effective fund raising method for centuries worldwide, used by priests, holy men and others also. High profile charities like Helpage may also send their volunteers door to door . However due to security reasons some people may not let strangers into their house.

Promotional mailers and direct marketing will also help in fund raising. Some of the top NGOs have expensive and well produced mailers. Often entertainers like singers, actors and comedians will perform at charity shows for free and at a reduced cost to raise funds for a charitable cause which appeals to the performers.


For non profit organizations or charities compared to businesses , there are far more fund raising options as people will contribute without expecting any kind of returns on their investment.

If the nature of the organization or work they do will appeal to wealthy people they may donate their money freely. In most countries there are tax breaks available for people who donate to charities, so many wealthy people will donate part of their wealth for charitable causes.

They will also earn goodwill and positive coverage in the media for contribution to the charity, However only those who are making enough money online or offline can contribute to the charity. Broke domain investors who actually spend money on domain names, have very little money, unlike the 10 lazy greedy google, tata sponsored sex workers, frauds who get a monthly indian government salary for falsely claiming to own the domains of a private citizen

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Funds from relatives, friends

In case the amount needed by the organization will be relatively less, the owner or founder may approach their friends, family members and relatives for the funds, promising to repay the funds later or giving these members a stake in the business or organization.

In other cases, these organizations will approach angel investors or venture capitalists, and high networth individuals who may want to invest in startups for getting a better returns on their investment, compared to conventional investment options where returns are usually lower